Bladder problems and weak bladder in Hertfordshire

Many men and women suffer with problems related to their bladder. About a third of women around the menopause will have some degree of urinary incontinence, however, many will wait years before they tell their Doctor about it. Many men may have problems when going to the toilet but are reluctant to discuss it. There are a number of treatments available, which involve changes to lifestyle, medications and surgery. Exactly what treatments are needed depends on your problem. 

Blood in your urine can be alarming but help is at hand and the sooner tests are completed, whatever the problem, the quicker it can be treated. 

The two main types of urinary incontinence are ‘Stress urinary incontinence’ and ‘Urge Urinary incontinence’. 

The symptoms of an overactive or weak bladder are frequent trips to the toilet to pass urine both day and night and urgency – the sudden need to go. 

It is common for women to get recurrent urinary tract infections, and even a quickly treated episode of cystitis can upset the bladder for a few weeks afterwards. 

Painful bladder syndrome in its simplest form is a bladder that hurts when it is filled with urine. There is sometimes an overlap of symptoms with other conditions such as Endometriosis and Pelvic Pain. Treatment therefore can require the input of a number of specialities, between Urology, Gynaecology, Pain medicine and Gastroenterology.


This is a test that looks at how the bladder relaxes and contracts and the messages it sends. Not everyone will need it, but it can be really useful if early treatments are not working, to identify the type of incontinence and allow the most appropriate treatment to be offered. It is also used in patients with difficulty voiding such as men with enlarged prostates. Read more on Urodynamics.

How to access investigations and treatment

If you have private medical insurance, investigations (urodynamics) and treatment may be covered under your policy. It is advisable to call them to check. If you wish to pay for your treatment yourself, we have a fixed price for a package of treatments. Both of these ‘private’ routes will ensure you have fast access to medical advice and treatment with no waiting. Contact our appointment team on 01462 427221 who will be happy to make an appointment for you. If you would like to speak to someone about paying for your own treatment, please call our enquiry team on 01462 410 002.

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Our consultants and nursing staff are highly experienced and have your care and comfort as their highest priority. During and after treatment, you will receive a standard of care which is second to none and all patients have the reassurance that nursing staff and our Resident Medical Officer are available 24 hours a day.

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