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Hernia Surgery in Hertfordshire

Weak spots can develop in the layer of muscle in the abdominal wall, resulting in the contents of the abdomen pushing through. This produces a lump called a hernia. 

Pinehill Hospital offers the following surgical procedures to treat a Hernia. 

Hernia Repair (Femoral) Surgery to repair a femoral hernia.

Hernia Repair (Open Incisional) Open incisional surgery to repair a Hernia.

Hernia Repair (Open Inguinal) Surgery to treat a hernia.

Hernia Repair (Open inguinal) Female Surgery to treat an inguinal hernia in a female.

Hernia Repair (Paraumbilical and umbilical) Surgery to treat an umblical hernia.

Why choose Pinehill Hospital?

Pinehill Hospital is a small private hospital in the market town of Hitchin in Herts nestled between Stevenage and Luton. All consultants working at Pinehill have been granted practicing privileges having completed a stringent assessed process before going before our Management Advisory Committee. They are all highly skilled surgeons, experienced consultants who conduct many procedures and operations every week. 

Please call us on 01462 410 002 and we will do everything we can to help you. 

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