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Face Lift (Rhytidectomy)

What is a facelift procedure and why is it performed?

A face lift procedure can help men and women to overcome the visual effects of gravity, sun exposure and the signs of ageing in the face and jowl area. A face lift is one of the most popular facial cosmetic procedures and is often performed as a result of a patient feeling self conscious about his or her ageing facial appearance. This procedure can be performed singularly or in combination with other procedures such as browlift surgery or blepharoplasty (eye bag removal). 

The ultimate objective is for the surgeon to create a natural, youthful, fresh facial and jowl appearance by removing slack skin, tightening up loose facial muscle and removing unwanted fatty deposits.

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How is a facelift procedure performed?

A face lift procedure involves the surgical refining of ageing facial features by placing an incision above the hair line at the temple region, which extends down in front or just inside the cartilage at the front of the ear, and then runs behind the earlobe and sometimes up into the hair line on the lower scalp area.

What are the results like and how will I feel?

This procedure can provide significant results, freeing men and women from the concern that can be caused by a wrinkled ageing face. Excess loose and wrinkled skin will be removed and the profile and general appearance of the remaining underlying tissue and facial skin will look smoother and firmer. 

Improved results will take place almost immediately following surgery, but will be obscured by the inevitable neck and facial bruising and swelling which typically follows any facial surgery. It can take up to 14 days for this initial swelling and bruising to settle to an acceptable appearance. After initial swelling has settled down, subtle improvements to the contour of the newly shaped face and neck area will take place for up to six months following surgery. Most patients report that after six months they are pleased with the outcome and experience a new feeling of confidence.

Are there any risks involved in face lift surgery?

All surgery involves an element of risk from developing complications. However, cosmetic surgery is usually undertaken voluntarily and only when a patient is in good health. Therefore, the probability of experiencing complications from this kind of surgery are substantially lower than those who undergo surgery for ill health reasons.

How much does it cost?

The initial consultation costs from £120. Our fixed price package for the surgery starts from £6837 and this includes surgeon and anaesthetist fees, and the hospital costs including overnight accommodation. Please call us on 01462 410 002 for more details.

Who should I see? What next?

At Pinehill, we believe that it is important for you to have realistic expectations of the improvements that can be achieved through face lift surgery. It is therefore essential to have a thorough consultation with a surgeon who specialises in face lifts before you make a decision to go ahead with a procedure. We have a number of excellent experienced Consultants. Please call us to arrange an initial consultation on 01462 410 002.

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Why choose Pinehill Hospital?

Pinehill Hospital is a small private hospital in the market town of Hitchin in Herts nestled between Stevenage and Luton. All consultants working at Pinehill have been granted practicing privileges having completed a stringent assessment process before going before our Management Advisory Committee. They are all highly skilled surgeons, experienced consultants who conduct many procedures and operations every week.

Please call us on 01462 410 002 we will do everything we can to help you. 

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