Varicose Vein Treatment in Hertfordshire

Varicose veins treatment

Pinehill Hospital in Hitchin in Herts offers a comprehensive service for the treatment of all veins.

What are varicose veins?

Varicose Veins are enlarged dilated veins resulting from excessive pressure on the walls which then stretch and bulge. This occurs because the valves are protecting the superficial veins from the high pressure deep venous system stop working. They are common and affect up to 50% of the population.

What problems can they cause?

Symptoms can vary from none at all to severe discomfort and aching particularly on standing. The cosmetic appearance can be very distressing and in severe cases, ulcers can develop around the ankles. 

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Until recently larger varicosities have required surgery under general anaesthetic and an inpatient hospital stay. For these larger varicose veins conventional injection therapy has had very limited success with poor long term results.

Microfoam treatment

This is the latest "state of the art" treatment. Originally developed in Spain over 12 years ago it is used extensively throughout Europe and has recently become available in Great Britain in a few specialist centres. 

By converting the solutions normally used for injection treatment into a foam the results have dramatically improved. Instead of mixing with the blood with "foam" displaces it allowing the undiluted solution to gain direct contact with the vein wall. The effect on the vein wall takes place within 30 seconds and is clearly visible with an ultrasound Duplex machine. This means that the much weaker solutions are more effective and, for the first time large varicosities can be treated successfully.

Who is suitable for Microfoam treatment?

In most instances a duplex ultrasound examination (painless and non-invasive) is required to assess the precise details including size and source of the varicose veins. Most large varicose veins will be suitable for treatment. If the vein in the groin or behind the knee, is very large, this may require prior ligation which is carried out as an outpatient under local anaesthetic. 

The treatment is not suitable for spider or thread veins.

What does the treatment involve?

The treatment is carried out on an outpatient "walk-in, walk-out basis" with minimum down time for the patient. 

The injections are almost painless just a slight "stinging sensation" and are usually carried out under ultrasound Duplex control. With this technique it is also possible to direct the "foam" into any varicose vein branches requiring treatment. A bandage or stocking is then applied to the leg and further review carried out a week later.

Is the treatment safe?

No serious complications have been reported in many of thousands of patients treated. Some discolouration may develop along the line of the treatment vein but this usually disappears during the next few months.

Why Choose Pinehill?

Pinehill Hospital is a small private hospital in the market town of Hitchin in Herts nestled between Stevenage and Luton. All consultants working at Pinehill have been granted practicing privileges having completed a stringent assessment process before going before our Management Advisory Committee. They are all highly skilled surgeons, experienced consultants who conduct many procedures and operations every week.

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