UroLift at Pinehill Hospital

UroLift® for prostate problems (BPH)

We are one of only a few hospitals in the country offering a relatively new treatment option, called UroLift®, for men with benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH).

What is UroLift®?

UroLift® was developed from an idea by local Consultant Urological Surgeon Prof McNicholas in 2005. He performed the original NHS trials in 2011. The UroLift® system received NICE guidance approval in 2014, as a proven surgical option for the treatment of lower urinary tract symptoms due to an enlarged prostate. The treatment works by using a number of tiny implants to lift and hold the enlarged prostate tissue out of the way so that it no longer blocks the urethra, resulting in improved urine flow.

UroLift® is unique in that it does not destroy the prostate tissue, meaning that it does not cause erectile dysfunction or permanent urinary incontinence.  It is a minimally invasive procedure which can means patients can return home and to normal daily activities soon after treatment. 

Am I suitable for this treatment?

For men older than 50 years, symptoms due to benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) are common. UroLift® is an alternative for patients looking for something other than drug therapy or more invasive surgery. Treatment might be right for you if any of the following apply to you:

  • You do not want to take another pill every day.
  • You have tried BPH medication but are unhappy with the side effects.
  • You do not want to undergo major surgery due to potential surgical risks of side effects and complications.
  • You want a treatment that preserves your sexual function.
  • You want to regain your quality of life with minimal recovery time.
  • A minority of men will be unsuitable due to size or shape of their prostate. We can usually decide suitability at the clinic appointment.

What results can I expect?

Typically you will be able to go home after the procedure without a catheter. All treatments cause minor discomfort and swelling initially that we will help you deal with. You should experience rapid symptom relief without complications, as early as two weeks after the procedure. Results are long-lasting, with no medications required to sustain relief.

How much does it cost?

We offer competitive all-inclusive package prices making it easy to pay for your own treatment. Please email us or call 01462 410 002 for a price.

We have agreements in place with all of the major health insurance providers. So, if you are insured, please call your insurance company for authorisation.

What are the next steps?

  • A GP referral is always very helpful as it will provide your consultant with useful information, but you may be able to self-refer particularly if you are choosing to pay for your own treatment.
  • Phone us on 01462 410 002 to book an appointment within 72 hours or at a time to suit you.
  • Meet Prof McNicholas for an initial consultation to discuss your health and assess your suitability for this treatment. 
  • If appropriate, a date for the procedure will be arranged which can usually be carried out as a day case treatment under i.v. sedation and local anaesthetic meaning you should be able to go home the same day without a catheter.

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Finance Available

  • Loans for full cost of treatment
  • Straight forward application process
  • Prompt decisions
  • Payments made direct to hospital
  • Interest-free loan plan
  • Administration fee of £95
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