Blood In Your Urine

There is blood in my urine, what can it be?

Blood in your urine is naturally an alarming symptom. A ‘one-off’ finding of a small trace of blood in the urine may not be significant but should always still be investigated. Some drugs and foodstuffs can turn the urine red and mimic blood in the urine. Roughly half of all patients with visible blood in the urine will have a problem and will need treatment. With non-visible blood in the urine (found in a urine dip stick test), 90% of patients will have no cause for concern and no treatment will be necessary.

What should I do? 

You should contact your GP immediately for further advice. Your GP will normally do some simple tests to exclude urine infection and may prescribe antibiotics. If there is no evidence of infection, you will be referred urgently to your local urology department. If you cannot pass urine due to large blood clots, you should attend your local A&E Department.

What are the facts about blood in the urine?.

The most common cause of blood in the urine in the UK is infection (cystitis), caused by bacterial infection. However 1 in 5 adults with visible blood in the urine and 1 in 12 adults with non-visible blood in the urine are subsequently discovered to have bladder cancer, or occasionally kidney or prostate cancer. The earlier the problem is treated, the greater chance of a full recovery.

What will the urologist do?

Your Urologist will take a detailed history and physical examination and arrange blood and urine tests. They will also arrange: 

  • X-Rays, ultrasound or a CT scan
  • a flexible cystoscopy. This is a telescopic examination of the bladder performed under local anaesthetic or sedation

When your tests have been completed, your specialist will arrange appropriate treatment depending on the diagnosis.


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