Following the lifting of restrictions by the Government, we would like to reassure all our patients that the way we interact with you will not be changing. All staff and consultants will continue to wear face coverings and maintain social distancing, and we require our patients and visitors to do the same, so that we are all protected.

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Sleep Disorders

Sleep Disorders

A team of three top specialists have got together at Pinehill to open a dedicated snoring and sleep disorder clinic. An ear nose and throat surgeon, a chest specialist and a psychiatrist have joined forces to address what seems to be an ever increasing problem. Snoring affects 1 in 5 of all men and 5% of women, and the figures drastically increase for the over 60s. Many others suffer with nights of disturbed sleep manking them feel uncomfortable and extremely tired during the day.

If you would like to find out more information on sleep disorders or to book an appointment, you can contact us on 01462 410 002 or by filling out our online form.


SnoringSnoring is a very common complaint that affects more than a quarter of the British population. Snoring occurs when floppy tissues in the airway relax during sleep and vibrate.  During sleep, the air inhaled causes the soft tissues in the throat such as the uvula, tonsils and adenoids to knock together and bang against the tongue creating the sound associated with snoring.  The level of snoring can be aggravated by excess weight, alcohol intake and smoking.

Sleep Apnoea

sleepBetween twenty and forty percent of the adult snoring population may be suffering from sleep apnoea. It is characterised by regular heavy snoring and cessations of breathing lasting 10 seconds or more, at least 10 times per hour.  Excessive daytime sleepiness is a major symptom of this condition. 

Other Sleep Problems

Other sleep problems that are not resolved by medical intervention are also treated at Pinehill;

  • Restless Legs Syndrome
  • Night Terrors
  • Sleep Walking

5 Steps To A Better Nights Sleep

Step 1

Call us on 01462 410 002 to discuss your problem and make an appointment for your initial consultation. We will send you an introductory information pack and questionnaires.

Step 2

Return the questionnaires to us so that the Consultant can be fully prepared prior to your appointment.

Step 3

You will meet the Consultant who will devise a personal, tailor made treatment plan. There is, of course, no obligation for you to proceed at this stage.

Step 4

If a short surgical procedure is recommended, either an inpatient bookings or an outpatient appointment is made depending on the treatment required. Alternatively, one of the following may be the answer; See the Physician who will arrange to monitor oxygen levels, breathing pattern and heart rate whilst you are sleeping

Refer to the Dietician who will produce a treatment plan or See the Psychiatrist.

Step 5

Stop snoring and enjoy restful undisturbed nights!

Our excellent consultants

Mr George Mochloulis – ENT Specialist

Trained in London and appointed Consultant ENT Surgeon at East and North Herts. Trust in 2000, Mr Mochloulis will normally be your first point of contact at Pinehill. A regular lecturer at both national and international events, he has recently been appointed Medical Director of Lister Hospitals Surgical Centre. An approachable and charismatic Consultant, he is very popular with our patients. 

Dr Indranil Chakravorty – Consultant in Respiratory and General Medicine

Specialising in sleep and sleep breathing disorders including sleep apnoea, Dr Chakravorty is one of the very few consultants to have completed his PHD research in sleep disorders at the University of Warwick & Birmingham. An expert in his field, he regularly presents his research and lectures in international meetings in Europe, USA and the Far East. He has also practiced at Harefield Hospital, the Royal Brompton and St Marys in London. 

Dr Leon van Huyssteen – Psychiatrist

A widely experienced general adult psychiatrist Dr Van Huyssteen provides care and treatment for people with a broad range of mental health complaints.  He provides a dynamic, holistic approach to care with the main focus on establishing a strong therapeutic relationship with his patients.  He is passionate about empowering his patients to take control of their lives, helping them to maximise their potential.


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