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Knee Pain and Knee Surgery In Hertfordshire

Pain in your knee can be a real inconvenience and can stop you living the life you want to lead. You may struggle to do sports, walk any distance or do normal tasks around the house and garden. 

But knee pain does not have to be lived with.  Painkillers and physiotherapy may help in some cases, but if you have long-lasting, more severe, pain you may want to consider knee surgery.


Knee replacement surgery is usually carried out when arthritis has badly affected the knee or the knee has been injured. The cartilage which covers the bony surfaces of the knee joint becomes worn away, which causes pain. The knee may also be visibly swollen. 

Your GP is the first person to approach to advise on whether a knee replacement is likely to be an option for you. Such surgery normally involves a few days in hospital and a period of recovery at home during which you may need physiotherapy and help around the house. 

Many people recover quickly from a knee operation and find they are once again able to do the things they enjoy. 

If you are interested in knee replacement surgery, Ramsay Health Care can help. You won’t have to wait to see a Consultant - we offer consultations and operations at a time to suit you. In addition, we have first class facilities and our private patients benefit from our Premium Care package.

Knee Osteotomy -  patients suffering with complications from osteoarthritis, such as “bow-leggedness”, can now undergo a Knee Osteotomy at Pinehill to correct the issues. Osteotomies were historically aimed at younger, active patients whose arthritis was at an early stage. The procedure helps to preserve the knee joint and delay the need for a joint replacement for some years, which can limit what physical activities a person can undertake, unlike the osteotomy. During the surgery either the tibia or femur (depending on where the arthritis sits) is cut and the leg realigned to help relieve the painful pressure. 

Osteotomies are not a new technique, being the standard before joint replacement surgery came into use. However, in the last 10-15 years with advances in technique and technology, osteotomies are rising in favourability with surgeons and patients around the world due to its advantages over joint replacement. In fact, Mr Chatoo (Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon) is now providing osteotomies for older patients too – thanks to digital templating and planning, osteotomies are increasing in our older population.

The surgery is currently not widely available in the UK, due to a lack of surgical experience which is why Pinehill Hospital is so pleased to be able to offer this treatment.

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