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Hip replacements

Hip replacements

At Pinehill Hospital in Hitchin Hertfordshire, we have 13 highly experienced Orthopaedic Surgeons. They all have posts in the NHS as well as private practicing privileged at Pinehill. They have all been through a rigorous process and are members of the GMC as well as the governing body for their own specific area of expertise.

You would initially come to see one of our consultants. Your consultant will send you an invoice for this following your appointment.  If you are paying for your own treatment or have private health insurance that will cover your treatment, simply call 01462 410 002 and we will find you the earliest appointment with the right consultant. The charge, if you are paying for yourself, will be somewhere in the region of £200 for this initial consultation. Your consultant will send you an invoice for this following your appointment. If you have had tests and scans completed in the NHS, please let us know and we should be able to see them here at Pinehill.

Your consultant will then decide on the right treatment for you and, if necessary, book you in for surgery. The treatment may range from an injection and medication through to a full total knee replacement.

Pinehill offers a wide range of services under one roof including radiology, physiotherapy, pharmacy, full operating theatres, a day care centre and wards with en-suite bedrooms.

A total hip replacement is the prosthetic replacement of the hip joint. It is performed to relieve pain and restore function after the hip joint has been irreversibly damaged, causing pain and stiffness. There are many conditions that can damage the hip such as osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis or previous injury to the joint. 

Surgery is undertaken when simple measures such as painkillers, walking aids and physiotherapy cease to control the symptoms. The surgery involves replacing both parts of the worn joint, the femoral head (ball) and the acetabulum (socket).

It is now possible to use 3D pre-operative planning software coupled to CT diagnostic imaging to create individual patient pre-operative plans. Effectively, this allows us to use tailor made, made to measure hip replacements.

To find out more about how to see a Specialist, please call us now on: 01462 410 002

How is the procedure performed? 

There are a variety of possibilities for the anaesthetic. These include general anaesthesia, going to sleep, or a spinal anaesthetic which is an injection in the back to make the patient numb below the waist. The anaesthetist will discuss with a patient which is best suited to that individual. 

The surgery usually takes between 60 and 90 minutes. The surgery involves a cut over the side of the hip to allow the surgeon to remove the damaged ball and socket and replace these parts with the new prosthesis. These prostheses can be fixed into the bone with or without cement and can be made of a variety of materials including metal, ceramic and plastic. The surgeon will discuss what combination is best suited to an individual patient in advance of the surgery.

What are the results like?

Overall hip replacement is a very successful operation. Most patients get relief of their pain and are able to return to their previous lifestyle.

Are there any risks involved in having a hip replacement?

As with all operations, there is an element of risk. The risk of a serious complication however is small. The risks can be divided into general complications and those specific to the hip. Your surgeon can discuss these in more detail and the precautions taken to try and avoid such complications. General complications include; pain, blood clots, difficulty passing urine, chest infection, heart attack, and stroke. Specific complications could include; infection in the surgical site (wound), unsightly scarring, fracture of the femur, damage to nerves or blood vessels, infection in the hip, bone forming in muscles around the hip replacement, loosening of the prosthesis, dislocation, leg length difference.

What will I feel like afterwards?

You will feel tired after the surgery and have some pain at the site of the wound. Modern anaesthetic and pain control techniques mean that patients now feel much more comfortable and so can start walking very quickly with the assistance of the physiotherapists. Stay in hospital is about 4 or 5 days although many patients are now able to go home earlier than this. Usually patients require aids such as crutches or sticks for a few weeks.

Why Choose Pinehill Hospital

A number of experienced surgeons undertake hip replacement surgery at Pinehill Hospital. They are supported by dedicated theatre, ward and therapy staff ensuring a high standard of care during and after the surgery. In addition Pinehill has very low rates of post-operative infection. This means the majority of patients undergoing hip replacement surgery at Pinehill have a good experience with a successful outcome and a very low risk of complication. 

How do I access this service?

If you have private medical insurance, speak to your Insurance Company who will give you an authorisation number. Then simply call Pinehill on 01462 410 002to make your appointment. If you wish to self pay, again, there is no need for a GP referral, simply call us on 01462 410 002 and we will find you an early appointment.

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