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Self pay prices

Common clinical procedures (more procedures and treatments available)

Subject to a satisfactory pre-operative assessment the prices below are inclusive costs for your treatment and provide you with the reassurance that all standard elements of care will be covered within the TotalCare Package price. The cost covers everything you need medically, so there will be no unexpected bills, even if you need to stay in longer than originally planned.

The initial consultation with your Consultant is always in addition to the below price.

Common clinical procedures (more procedures and treatments available)



Age-related Macular Degeneration (Injections)


Bladder investigation (Cystoscopy)


Breast Enlargement


Breast Reduction


Brow lift


Bunion Removal 


Carpal Tunnel








Dilation and Curettage (D&C)


Ear pinning (2 ears)


Eyelid surgery (2 lids) 




Flexible sigmoidoscopy 


Gallbladder removal










Hip replacement


Hysterectomy surgery


Hysteroscopy procedure


Knee arthroscopy


Knee ligament (ACL)


Knee replacement


Labial reduction 




Mole/Cyst/Skin tag removal


Pain management


Prostate surgery




Shoulder - Rotator Cuff Repair




Trigger Finger


Vaginal repair (prolapse)


Varicose Veins




Vasectomy reversal


The procedure suggested by your Consultant will be discussed at your Consultation. The prices above are a guide only.

The above prices include;

  • Your pre-operative assessment prior to your admission
  • Your stay at Pinehill Hospital for your treatment, including nursing care, in-patient diagnostic services, medication and hospital accommodation
  • Consultants’ fees (surgeon and anaesthetist) for your procedure
  • Post-operative care for 60 days from the date of discharge, take home drugs for up to 10 days as prescribed by your Consultant, and out-patient Physiotherapy as decided by your Physiotherapist 
  • One follow up out-patient consultation with your Consultant

The initial consultation with your Consultant is always in addition to the above price.

We aim to book an appointment for you within 3 working days.

Please call 01462 427 221 to make a private appointment.

For more information about the treatments and prices, please call our helpful enquiry team on: 01462 410 002