Prof Sadasivam Selvakumar appointed visiting professor of surgery

Sadasivam Selvakumar appointed visiting professor of surgery

Professor Selvakumar

We are delighted to announce that one of our consultants, Professor Sadasivam Selvakumar has been appointed as Visiting Professor at the Department of General Surgery at AIIMS Rishikesh. In view of his vast experience in Medical Sciences, Teaching, Training and Research he has been welcomed as visiting professor to develop guidelines for the establishment of the General Surgery department and it’s management. 

All India Institute of Medical Sciences are a group of Academic Medical Institutions funded by the Union Government of India. These are very highly academic medical Institutions attracting the best faculty from India. The first one built was in 1956 in New Delhi. From 2012 the Union Government has expanded this programme and there are 11 Institutes now functioning with 12 more planned for opening in the future.

AIIMS in Rishikesh was founded in 2012 and is directed by a very dynamic academic Prof. Ravi Kant. This place in the base of Himalayan Hills, here is where the river Ganges touches the grounds from the mountains. This Institution is building its state of the art Trauma Centre with 2 helipads.

Mr Selvakumar has been appointed as the Visiting Professor of Surgery to this prestigious Institute with a view to help them to maintain high standards in their surgical practices as well as to help to build their trauma centre. He has already succeeded in convincing them to build an Endovascular Hybrid Theatre in their Trauma Centre which will enable them to do life saving, minimally invasive procedures to major blood vessel damages in trauma patients.This will be the first Government Hospital in India to have this hybrid theatre facility. He is also involved in developing the Vascular Surgery in this Institution and involved in teaching the post graduate surgical trainees of this Institute.


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