New UroLift procedure available

New UroLift procedure available
Tuesday 15 May 2018

We are one of only a few hospitals in the country offering a relatively new treatment option, called UroLift®, for men with benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH).

UroLift® was developed from an idea by local Consultant Urological Surgeon Prof McNicholas in 2005. He performed the original NHS trials in 2011. The UroLift® system received NICE guidance approval in 2014, as a proven surgical option for the treatment of lower urinary tract symptoms due to an enlarged prostate. The treatment works by using a number of tiny implants to lift and hold the enlarged prostate tissue out of the way so that it no longer blocks the urethra, resulting in improved urine flow.

UroLift® is unique in that it does not destroy the prostate tissue, meaning that it does not cause erectile dysfunction or permanent urinary incontinence.  It is a minimally invasive procedure which can means patients can return home and to normal daily activities soon after treatment. 

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