A very successful GP Joint Examination and Injection workshop

A very successful GP Joint Examination and Injection workshop

A very successful GP workshop was held by some of our Orthopaedic Consultants and supported by two senior members of the Pinehill Physiotherapy team. Our Consultants spoke to GP's about joint examination and injections into joints whilst demonstrated the most effective treatments, discussing new techniques and results.

The event was well attended and provided a valuable teaching platform for GP's to provide these services in primary care.

The GPs enjoyed a meal with refreshments then a short talk from Chris Whybrow our Senior Physiotherapist from the Pinehill Physio team.

There were five workstations each hosted by a Consultant and an injection ‘model’; knee, hand and wrist, shoulder and elbow, foot and ankle.

Chris and Jess King (physiotherapist) hosted a table for GP's to learn the importance of physio for their patients. The GP's spent 20 minutes at each station before rotating to experience all the different techniques.

It really was hands-on with the GPs injecting the models and getting a green light if they hit the right spot.

The feedback was excellent with comments such as “Fantastic consultants – so approachable” and “great event, much appreciated”.

Acting GP Liaison Officer, Christine Scott said, “these events are really appreciated and valued by the GP's. The consultants were great spending extra time with the GP's answering their questions. A huge thank you goes to our consultants and the Physio team; Mr Chatoo, Mr Deol, Mr Uppal, Mr Schreuder, Chris and Jess."


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