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Vaginal Prolapse

What are the best treatments for vaginal and uterine prolapse?

Prolapse can be treated using a small device (a pessary) inserted into the vagina. For the majority of women, this is a temporary measure as many patients feel that they would like more permanent solution to their prolapse. Surgical options include vaginal repairs or prolapse repair using key-hole surgery. In some women, the use of strengthening vaginal mesh is needed to support the prolapse. In addition, we provide the unique expertise of suspending the uterus using key-hole surgery instead of hysterectomy for women with prolapse of the womb.

What if I had a hysterectomy and the prolapse came back?

In many women, this condition is described as vaginal vault prolapse, where the top of the vagina protrudes through the vaginal opening. The best treatment for this condition includes suspension of the top of the vagina with mesh using key-hole surgery. This is a specialist service provided at out hospital and has the main advantage of quicker recovery and return to normal activity along with smaller more cosmetic scars.

What if I had a previous prolapse repair and the prolapse came back?

The best treatment option for this condition (recurrent prolapse) is prolapse repair using mesh. Through our subspecialist team, we offer the unique expertise of providing this service to women with recurrent vaginal prolapse.


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