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Rapid Diagnosis Breast Clinic

Breast Clinic

Private Patients (those who are paying for their own treatment and people with private medical insurance) can not access the Pinehill Hospital Rapid Diagnosis Breast Clinic. The Clinic has been developed to help ease the anxiety of breast symptoms, such as the discovery of a breast lump. You will see one of our highly experienced and skilled Consultant Breast Surgeons; Mr Jeremy Wood or Miss Harleen Deol.

Quick Appointments

The Rapid Diagnosis Breast Clinic is held on Thursdays and Monday evenings, meaning there is a maximum waiting time of four days.

Quality Care

A dedicated team of specialists is on standby in the Breast Clinic to care for your specific needs when you are worried about breast problems.

The professional team includes:

  • A Consultant Breast Surgeon
  • Mammography Specialist Radiographer (to take mammograms)
  • A Consultant Radiologist (to read the result of mammograms and/or ultrasound scans)
  • Breast Care Nurse (to offer information, support and counselling)

On the spot tests

A Consultant Breast Surgeon will lead your care.

During your visit the surgeon will examine you and where needed refer you for a Mammogram and/or Breast Ultrasound.

If necessary a fine needle test may be carried out to exclude any abnormalities within a lump that has been discovered.

Rapid Results

In most cases you will return the same day to see your Consultant as the result will be available on the day, but occasionally further tests are needed to give a conclusive result. If this should happen you will be given a date for your follow up appointment prior to leaving the clinic.

It is important to emphasise that more often that not the result will be normal and you will leave the clinic with complete peace of mind.

If however an abnormality is detected you will receive the immediate support of a breast care nurse counsellor and early access to treatment.

Why would you be concerned?

Breast changes to look out for include:

  • a change in the size, shape or feel of your breast
  • dimpling, puckering or redness of the skin
  • redness, a rash or crusting on your nipple or surrounding area
  • a change in your nipple, such as in its shape or if it turns inwards to your breast (becomes inverted)
  • a discharge from your nipple (unless you’re breast feeding)
  • bleeding from your nipple area
  • pain in part of your breast or armpit
  • swelling, thickening or a lump in your breast or arm pit
These symptoms don’t necessarily mean that you have breast cancer but if you have any of them, see your GP or call to book into our Rapid Diagnosis Breast Clinic on 01462 427221

How do I book?

The clinic is available to anyone with breast symptoms. Please call to make your appointment:  01462 427221


The cost of the full breast examination will vary depending on the tests required to obtain a definitive result.

Package Price - £450

  • Includes initial consultation with Consultant
  • Breast Surgeon, Mammogram and Ultrasound
  • can where needed and same day follow up for results.

Consultant Surgeon follow-up
from £150 appointment fee (not included in package).
If further tests are required, separate charges shown below will apply:

  • Fine Needle Aspiration - £375 (Cytology\lab. testing)
  • Core biopsy of breast tissue - £1,095 (including Histology)

Pay as you go prices

  • Consultant Surgeon’s fee - £200-£240 (an invoice for the consultant’s fee will be sent to you separately)
  • Consultant Surgeon follow-up from £150 appointment fee (not included in package)
  • Digital Mammogram - £160
  • Breast Ultrasound - £247
  • Breast care counselling session - £40

Please call Saffron on Simone on 01462 427207 for help with which may be the right option for you.

Regular Breast Screening

Well women who would like to have a breast screening for their own peace of mind and don NOT have any symptoms can book in for a self referral mammogram. They need to;

  • be over 40
  • not appear to have any problems with their breast
  • not have had a mammogram in the last 12 months
  • not currently be under the care of a breast consultant or oncologist
  • not be monitored as part of a breast family history clinic

To make an appointment, please call our Radiology Department on 04162 427203.