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Why wait for treatment?

When you need treatment, the last thing you want to do is wait.

With the demand for services in healthcare ever increasing patients are finding that this is impacting on the amount of time they have to wait for treatment. As a result people are choosing to “go private” if they need hospital care. In 2014, 3342 of private patients were admitted to Pinehill Hospital. 

Private health care is available to you if you have Private Medical Insurance or you choose to pay for treatment yourself. If your family doctor is referring you to hospital to see a consultant you can simply ask for a private referral. If you are paying for treatment yourself then you can contact the Hospital’s enquiry line for an estimate of costs – 01462 427207 

We offer private patients Premium Care benefits – and provide high quality levels of care and comfort.

No waiting list

When you go privately there is no lengthy waiting list – This means you can get fast access to diagnostic tests and Consultant Specialist advice as well as early admission to hospital if you need treatment.

Expert Clinical Care

Private patient care is led by a Consultant Specialist and your treatment will be delivered by that Consultant rather than a junior doctor. The Consultant is supported by a friendly, skilled team of nurses and healthcare professionals; there is a doctor on site 24 hours per day. Our nurses are highly qualified and experienced in caring for their patients.

Safety and Cleanliness

You can be reassured that Pinehill hospital in Hertfordshire has the highest standards of clinical quality and safety and is licensed and audited by the Care Quality Commission. With cleanliness a top priority and no hospital acquired cases of MRSA in the last 3 years, infection control measures are firmly in place and practiced by all staff.

Premium Care Benefits

Comfort & Privacy during your Hospital Stay. At Pinehill hospital you can enjoy fast track admission to a comfortable single room with en-suite facilities and excellent hotel services. This includes free TV, Wi-Fi access and a daily newspaper, as well as complimentary Molton Brown toiletries. You will receive 1:1 physiotherapy sessions and a fast track discharge when you are ready to go home.

Premium care patients enjoy a healthy a la carte menu and you may even order a free glass of wine with dinner if your condition allows! We also offer free car parking.

Day patients

have the benefit of efficient day case processes which allow you to return to your own home within hours. However, if for a clinical reason, you need to stay overnight you can as we are a modern fully equipped hospital.

Patient satisfaction is our priority

Independent research shows patient satisfaction levels in Ramsay Hospitals to be among the top 2% of all UK organisations with 98% of Pinehill hospital patients saying that they would recommend us to their family and friends. 

Outside the NHS

The British people are, quite rightly proud of the National Health Service as it provides the full range of healthcare services free at the point of delivery. Choosing the private option can help free space for a patient who is waiting for a NHS appointment.

Self Pay Packages – Fixed Cost Care

If you are waiting for surgery the Ramsay Springfield Hospital offers self pay package prices which are inclusive of the Surgeon, Anaesthetist and Hospital charges. Just like a package holiday you will know the costs at the outset thus helping you budget. Many operations are more affordable than you might think. 

Please call the Customer enquiry team on: 01462 427207 for a price estimate and further advice or guidance.

Private Medical Insurance

If you are insured then it could not be easier to access private services. You will need to tell your GP that you have insurance and would like to use it, why pay for it and then not use it?

Why wait?

To find out more about treatments and services at the Pinehill Hospital, please contact us via our online form or on 01462 427207.